Its almost time to…

After a hell of a time with Delta Airlines about them stranding us in Amsterdam for 2 days and not being able to leave the airport, they canceled my tickets with no notice. We rebooked on American and saved $1000 , oh wait I forgot to say.

Damein Berry

We are going back to Scotland in about a week, with a short stop in San Francisco. More to come next week.

Catalonia Playa Maroma

So It’s been a long time ( or at least what feels like a long time ) but I have a plan to get the hell out of the country on Thursday. We have had this trip to mexico planned since it looked like they were opening Mexico and now 3 days away the US numbers are up. US from what I’m seeing seem to think everything is all fine and good “Fuck heads”.

The pool

We did make it into Mexico on American Airlines and the planes had a lot more people on them then I thought would be there. You know airlines profit before safety. All the stress I was feeling or should I say anxiety about making it was gone.

The beach

The resort check in was fast, we had been to this resort before years ago. I didn’t remember to much about the first visit it was so long ago and only a few days. The room we got was one with a ocean view and a private pool. Anytime you have the option get the private pool.

The room pool

We were up on the top floor ( no lift ) and the view was wonderful. The resort only had a few people in it the day we checked in. And it looked like they checked out they next day. We had all the beds next to the pool and most on the pool to ourselves. I did forget how the heat gets to you on the first day so we had to head back to the room during the hottest part of the day.

The pool

The pool is a odd one with a lot of changes in depth up to about 9 foot in some sections. The staff had so little people to serve they got used to what we drank and who we were. Soon as the bar opened at 11 they sent over drinks without us asking. Everytime we wend to get something to eat they had temp scanners and kept a record. The food and service was awesome I hope we can go back soon.

Room View

And again American Airlines screwed us

Set up a small trip to Phoenix for Sandy’s birthday and the new years holiday and our American Airlines flight was delayed by 20 mins. No big deal it’s only a few mins, not long after the delay turned into “sorry your flight is not leaving till tomorrow”. When I called and explained where I needed to be and when ( Tucson by 11 ) They said the best they could do was 6PM on Saturday. That was not going to work. And this is not the first time American Air has screwed up my flights.

I found out from Tanner if it was not an act of GOD American could have made arrangements on another airline for us to get to our destination by FAA rule. I didn’t know this and had already canceled the original flights to and from. The rep from American never told me this, so I called them back. The “supervisor” said because she didn’t hear the conversation she could not help, she did acknowledge that was the rule but could do nothing.

Just to make a long story short avoid American Airlines due to incompetence in my opinion and let’s drive them into the ground for bad leadership.

Off to Italy and they screwed up again

We leave for the airport flying on American Airlines again, the flight that we booked 6 months ago. A vacation we have been looking forward to. Now since booking the flight from Reno to Florence,Italy American Airlines has taken it upon themselves to change our flights twice. When they changed the times and flights AA didn’t take into account the time to get from one gate to another so we had to go to the site and check and change flights to make sure we could make it in time. If you don’t keep an eye on this AA will automatically change you’re flights,so you are forced to keep an eye on this.

Now this vacation was with another couple flying in from another city and we wanted to meet up so we could travel together. So when American Airlines changed our flights the other couple had to “hope” they could get the same flights. We are talking about $1000’s of dollars on the line with bookings and flights. And this is not the first time American Airlines have done this. This more seems to be the normal for this company.

With the last change to our flights there would not be enough time to make a connecting flight so we and the other couple decide to meet in the fist city and stay overnight ( hotel costs paid for by all of us that to American Airlines ) in Los Angels. We leave for the airport after work arrange for someone to drop us off , and we check in and drop off out luggage with AA.

Not 3 mins after leaving the more or less empty counter since we were there so early the AA app informs us the flight has been canceled. The flight we planed to take so we could meet up with the other couple who were already inflight from another city. American Airlines has a number of flights from Reno to LA per day.  We dash back to the AA counter and it is now full of people trying to find out WHY the flight was canceled. From what information we could get from the AA employees at the ticket counter whats ” I DON”T KNOW”.

My wife gets on phone to American Airlines and is told by the rep that they didn’t have a crew for the flight to LA. She is talking on one phone and checking the AA app on another and not seeing any flights with AA that have room on the plane for us to make our connections. The AA rep said she could put us on a flight that was leaving in about 3 hours on Alaska Air , this would not be a direct flight from Reno to LA there was a 2 hour layover in another city and would not get us in till after 11pm.

With the amount of times that American Airlines have changed our flights for this vacation, and the times that they have canceled other flights we didn’t feel that they could get us to the destination we paid them to take us to. AA seems to care more about the inflight video looking well then the cattle they have watching it. The distaste they seem to have for the people who pay them lots of money is the impression I get from American Airlines. If you check twitter and other social networks on any given day you will find how they change/cancel PEOPLE’S flights everyday.

To not loss time and money on missed international flights and make it to our next city on time with some time to sleep we booked 2 tickets on Southwest Airlines. The flight on Southwest Air took off 1 hour later than the AA flight that was canceled and was a direct flight to LA.

Update 3/21/17 This is the bullshit i get from Trip Master

Dear Dawn and Erik,

Thank you for contacting us!

Thank you for answering the survey that we sent you and we apologize for the several airline schedule changes that you have experienced with your flight. We have received a notification from American airlines about the partial refund that you requested.

Please note that the type of ticket that you purchased with us was a promotional fare that is more affordable that a regular fare.

We have received a partial refund from American airlines for the amount of $17.74 per ticket as a partial refund for ticket number 001-79and 001-790.

We will credit your credit card ending in for a total amount of $35.48 USD. Please look for this credit on the next 1-2 credit card statement.

Should you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for contacting us!

Thank you Auburn Lipon / Customer Service representative