Fuc&ing Apple and Itune’s

New Iphone IOS and new Itunes and now I have to learn how to just update a playlist. This is bullshit I pay for them to sync anything in this computer to the cloud and you would think that would match to the Iphone but NO!

Corsair Customer service

I got a case by @Corsair for my birthday, months later I opened the box and found it was damaged. Now I should say this was bought via @amazon and the 30-day return bullshit had long passed (bad @amazon) but that’s another rant.  So, I contacted Corsair via the website.

I opened a ticket on Jan 11th, 2018 and once I got all the paperwork in order they said they would replace the case (or RMA it) great. I packed it up in the box it came with and shipped it back to the warehouse in California, at a cost to me of $25.  Thank you, UPS, for getting it to them in one day. And here is where it go’s all wrong.

Corsair got the case back on a Thursday and I updated the ticket “received by Dave”, I waited till I think the next Thursday for them to update the ticked. Now its been a week so I asked what the delay was via the ticket and got NO response. Tried to contact Corsair via Facebook and the ticket again and still got no response.

So, I called after almost 2 weeks and a rep from Corsair said he was going to “take charge of this” and would get it fixed, 3 days later nothing in the ticket or email. So, I called again and asked for a “supervisor” and got one named Sandra and she said she was going “take charge of this” and the warehouse finally got back to her and the ticket was updated. I had asked Sandra since I waited so long to send back a better case or some other things they make since it cost me $25 bucks to ship it back I was told NO.

Now 24 hours later and no email or updates to the ticket from Sandra @Corsair after a month of dealing with this I am just done. It’s my opinion if this is how they run the Customer Service side of the company I wonder about the other products they make. Corsair sells keyboards, cooling systems, mice and memory as just a few more things.

Corsair other companies like Google and Amazon and Microsoft are listening to their customers and have done well and if you don’t start there you’re not going to be around for long, gamers who build rigs already don’t look at Corsair first I know this first hand. In my opinion you keep doing this to customers and you will be the next done dot com.

PS it took a week for someone on the Corsair Facebook account to even respond.

PSS they did get a case to me after what 2 and a half weeks and it was undamaged.

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Meltdown and Spectre info

Everyone has been hearing about the new Intel and other chips having a vulnerability that could cause you’re computer to be exposed on the internet. Let’s set the record straight, it’s like the post it notes you leave on the desk. If at any one given time someone walk’s in they can see those notes. Same thing with you’re computer, depending on what you have been doing with it in the last few hours that’s what they can see.

Now this can be a problem if you leave you’re computer on 24/7 , if you shut it off after you use it it should be good “depending on what you were doing “. A simple restart  of the computer will clear the cache “sticky notes”.

Well that’s all and good Eric what the hell can I do ? Microsoft and Apple have taken it upon themselves to “patch” these problems and “one” of the two are almost fixed. The fix should already be installed in the computer,came out last week.

The problem is the older you’re computer the slower the fix will make it . I found a way to check the computer to see if it is SAFE and this is where it gets technical. This link will send you to a program that will tell if you are fixed for one of the 2 vulnerability’s like most computers. But it will tell you IF the fix slowed you’re computer down. DON’T trust a email that said we can “fix” you’re computer.

Steve Gibson

The link above is a trusted link to “InSpectre” and a small ( less then 1 MB ) file that will let you know how the patch did on you’re computer. The site should look like this ..

2018-01-17 (1)

If You have anymore questions feel free to email service@everydaycomputers.net

Waiting on the fall update

Been waiting for the Windows 10 fall creators update for a month or so , in the preview program it should be out by now. I have loaded the latest preview a number of times and all it keeps doing is crashing the computer ( 16251 iso ) . Its to the point where I don’t want to load it because I don’t think it will move on to the next update with out freezing up.

Just for the hell of it I loaded Windows S on the system ( you need Pro to try it ) and It would have been great if it was a “lite” version of windows but its not . It just windows Pro without anyway to run exe files. I created a account for my grandson to play with and asked him to see if he could brake it . No luck so far , it would be a great OS for those who don’t know anything about computers or kids.